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04 September 2010 @ 11:00 am
canning time  
My tomato crop was pretty much a bust this year. The combination of a) wet, wet summer and b) failing to purchase baby plant varieties resistant to blight meant I only harvested about 25 pounds of decent-quality tomatoes from 11 plants. (Normally the yield would have been 6-7 times that.)

I did have a nice crop of onions and peppers, including habaneros, jalpenos and cayenne. With these I canned 16 pints of way hot salsa, so at least we've got that. (Husband = happy!)

I'm considering canning apples this year. The two trees are loaded with apples. Normally we just toss them to the cattle, but here's the thing.

Earlier this summer I volunteered to make lemonade for a fundraiser. I found a recipe called "Lemonade for 100 People" that involved first making a syrup with sugar and water. In an attempt to be ready to produce huge quantities of lemonade quickly, but also keep costs low, I made an excess of the syrup ahead of time. Unfortunately, lemonade sales were quite modest. So I have about a gallon of sugar syrup.

It turns out that this same syrup is what you boil to pour over cooked apples when you're canning them. And you can use these canned apples for cobblers and pies.

I hate throwing food out. And while tossing the apples to the cattle isn't exactly a waste, why should they be the only beneficiaries? They'll get their fair share and more (the cores and the bruised parts and the too-ripe stuff) AND I'll use up my sugar syrup.